Life will not be normal for a long time if ever.

Where were you when it started?
How were you affected?
We lost everything
What was your experience like?
How did people in your community respond?
With great kindness. Have been blown away with help from complete strangers. Then there is a Small segment who have stolen from us.
What is your situation like now?
Life will not be normal for a long time if ever. I have lost years of handcrafted items. Lost nearly all my photos. It doesn’t need thinking about. The govt has failed us. I am a liberal voter but not next election. We are still trying to find a caravan so we can live at home while our house is fixed. We will move.
What are your feelings about what happened?
Traumatized. Not the SES fault but there weren’t enough of them. If civilians hadn’t stepped up I shudder to think how many would have lost their lives. We prepared for a 2017 flood! We could have drowned.
What is the memory you think you will hold with you in 10 years?
That so many could have drowned. Throwing away family treasures. Throwing away photos. That smell and a town that looks like a war zone.
Is there anything else you think is important you would like to add?
Lismore is a beautiful town with a beautiful community. They do not deserve this. People should not be allowed to live in our area. It simply is too dangerous sadly it will happen again. This is what we have been warned about Global Warming.

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